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With men and women combination in various circles of life that were gender-specific in home, office, , school, people of the opposite sex are realizing new common ground and more reasons to be friends. But with the communication media showing male female friendship into romantic relationships, many are convinced that a long-term  friendship between individuals of the opposite sex just isn’t possible. Romantic interest, physical attraction and the jealousy of others can threaten to sabotage a cross gender friendship. In such case just follow the mention tips… Listen to your intuition, check the physical touch feelings.
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In our real time world we have a lot of examples around us … Like one of my friend example she has a male friend who’s like her best guy friend. Many people think they are roaming around and are stunned to find that they aren’t. That guy has a girlfriend and she knows about them. She has a boyfriend and he knows that they are” JUST FRIENDS”. It’s been almost two years since they are living this beautiful relation of friendship together.
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Day by day experience suggests that non-romantic friendships between opposite sex are not only possible, but common—men and women live, work, and play side-by-side, and generally seem to be able to avoid instinctively physical intimation. Just stop looking at each and every member of the opposite sex as a sex object, you can have a friendship for lifetime pure and Sweet!!
by Gorgina..!