Saturday, October 25, 2014

Apps and Some other Stuff

We’re currently in the super secret hiding place –Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends pun-A.k.a. Zoey’s house. Zoey wants me to stay still. She wants to draw me for some reason. She drew three fucking lines on the paper.
Anyway, we checked in two new sites today via Android, Appy Geek and Ello. I’m not sure if we’ve signed in Ello though, because the person who made us has to approve our invitations.
Let’s just go with the really irritating one first, Ello. -Vcay: it reminds me of Death Note’s Mello. Anyway, it took us around 15 minutes to realize the way to sign up, because we had to GOOGLE it. We had to google HOW TO SIGN UP ON A PAGE.
Seriously. And after around 12-22minutes an email came and said “we’ll think about it.” What is wrong with you? We know you’re beta testing the app, but is it that hard to accept anyone?  It has been two hours and we haven’t received an email. Any kind of email.
It’s like the creator, the guy that lives in him mom’s garage, decided to go out TODAY. Of all days in the year.
But, we’re no signing up for some bullshit application. It is the internet, we want everything now. If we wanted to wait for 59 years, we would go out and make friends. And I don’t know what’s wrong with that propaganda. We understand, you don’t like Facebook and you don’t sell people like pieces of meat, but the third time you said that it got really annoying.
About Appy Geek now. It is a really cool app, which is basically the news of the geek community. We’re not a part of that. I think. I don’t think there even is one. The whole thing was fucking awesome, the articles were pretty interesting-I learnt they made a pc game for Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, which I’m so looking into. They even gave you the option to rate the articles like “cool”, “ok” of even “So What”. How cool is that?
Just for the record, if we could be identified as geeks, we would be literature geeks or something, as you’ve probably realized. We don’t even know one programming language. The news on Appy Geek was about pc, Android, Nintendo etc. It was still cool, even we didn’t care about it. Would it kill you to put something about books and anime?
If you haven’t checked out Tapastic.com, go check it out! Just don’t log in from the app, it doesn’t let you favorite anything for some reason. It just freelancer artists making comics and manga. There are some pretty cool comics there and you can even support the artists by donating money if you want. That’s the best comic book app I have encountered of which it solely up to the user to update crap.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Youtube Stuff

I don't know if this guy is just really weird or really funny.  Probably both. God I spend a little bit way too much time on youtube.
Oh right his name is  Mathieu Sommet.

In the wrong side of youtube again and this time in french. If you have any idea what that is please let me know.This chanel's named  benzaieTV

For more information click the Link below.
I'll be bleaching my eyes out, still love it though.

Say you didn't see that one coming .
I'm so immature
Anyway here's the link to their chanels.

Mathieu Sommet: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCpwMG0qZkr62FNZktfcvYg
benzaieTV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3SLk50bvlivTtnFZqk-bHQ


Saturday, October 11, 2014

News I guess

Hello there.
Nothing is really going on with my life so I will update you with news of the world or my life. Yay.
Don't you feel reasured?
Anyway I found this really cool website that is called mapofmetal.com which can introduce you to some songs.
Oh France is reducing it's nuclear production by 40%. Cool huh? No? I would know.
I started a drawing challenge and if everything turns out okay I might udate some of my drawings. I don't know if this is a punishment to you or to myself!
Netfilix is now working on Linux.
Nobody cares. I'm a deeply boring person...
I'm trying to learn how to work Dream Weaver doesn't really work out for me.
That is basically all.
I have other things to attend to, only not really.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Windows 10? More like Windows 1984

If you try to cope with the news on the internet, Microsoft has announced the newest version of Windows; Windows 10. And no, you weren't too busy you didn't notice Windows 9, they simply don't exist. [Something like the Xbox thing.]

Now Microsoft updating Windows isn't that big of a deal is it? It wouldn't be if Microsoft didn't have free access to the Microsoft 10 user's files, history and identity information. I'm being serious.

When I first heard that, I immediately thought of Orwell's 1984. Because let's face it, whoever will dowwnload Windows 10 will probably spend a lot of time online, so Microsoft has the change to literally spy on you. What kid of policy is this? What is their excuse?  I have been searching for a pretty good reason to make us say "Oh, okay, I understand.". But I haven't. Unless they are trying to find terrorists. Which isn't their job. And even if they wanted to do that, why announce it in the whole fucking world? Now you tell the terrorists, and everyone who doesn't want their files read by anyone else, not to choose Windows 10. How many people do you think are ok with this free access of yours Microsoft?

*dramatic mother voice* You disappointed me Microsoft. I expected more from you. Now I guess I have to download Ubuntu. [Just Google it and find out.]

See More Here:http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/microsoft-s-windows-10-policy-raises-serious-privacy-concerns

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Acceptable Use of Your Smartphone In Public

What is Acceptable: Two people using one phone. It's like saying two kids playing with one toy is bad.
What is NOT Acceptable: One person using their phone and ditching the others next to them.

What is Acceptable: Two or more people are using their phones and talk about it in the meantime. There would be no different if they were reading a different magazine and talked about the articles.
What is Not Acceptable: Two or more people using their phones without talking to each other while they are out at a cafe.

What is Acceptable: A teenager using their phone while at someone's house they were forced to go. Before you start talking about impoliteness, I'll explain: It's okay if you visit your aunt's house to eat with them like they do every Sunday. The kid eats, listens to the adults for three minutes and then is fucking bored because the adults will continue talking about things the kid isn't interested in for four more hours. So why can't the kid open the phone and play Angry Birds? I bet no one would have cared if the kid was playing with a Rubik Cube but no , it's a phone so the kid must be stuck with it all day.
What is Not Acceptable: Having your relatives from America to visit for the fist time after 45 years and the kid is on the phone.

What is Acceptable: Hanging out with your friends and at some point take a snapchat/tweet/post something on Facebook
What is Not Acceptable: Being with your friends and constantly doing the above without paying your friends attention and/or talking about the above all the time.

I don't know if these are common knowledge or just me. But the next time you assume two teenagers in a cafe are "influenced by today's technology to isolate themselves" think about what I just said.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vaya's 12:46am Thoughts.

I'm so sorry. It's late and I got emotional.  Again.
 And yes, I'll talk about weight again.
I'm litteraly surrounded by girls who eat a shitload and don't gain an effing pound. You have no idea how many times I've had one of those conversations:
Girl:*eats the fifth sandwich in one school day*
Me:*starving, not having eaten nothing the whole day* You're eating again??
Girl: Yeah. It's so crazy that I'm not fat or anything.

Ok. I exagerrated. Most of the girls I know arent acting like that. But you get my point. I think.

Anyway, I understand that some of you are going to tell me-or have told me already-that you would like to be more chubby. And that both overweight and really skinny girls have the same problems.

Let's be honest. You can find advantages of being skinny (easy access to small places, fitting easier on clothes, looking cute in oversized sweaters etc etc).
What are the advantages of being fat?
Carrying useless extra weight to your whole body? Spending a hundrend and two days in order to find trousers that fit you? Being constatly reminded by society that you're ugly?
There are a lot of adds and shows and stuff that tell me that. How many have you seen that tell you the same things?
No matter how many you find, I will always have more.
Spare examples I just thought:America's Next Top Model,  1346 doctors in shows talking about diets every afternoon. Adds everywhere, all the time. Magazines. The fact that while you're reading this you cannot name the last overweight singer who got as famous as Adele. Comments on Adele's videos. Comments on videos in which an overweight person says something someone disagrees with and decides to attack their looks.
Show me one comment that said "go eat something and then come talk to me you skinny bitch", while the topic of the video is not weight or looks or something like that.

Honey Boo Boo's mom does something weird with/for her daughter and everyone calls her a fat whale.
Hailey Phelps is being homophobic and disrespectful in a gay shouldier's funeral and no one called her a skinny bitch or a sceleton. They fought her ideas.
Why can't the same people fight only the bad parenting of Honey Boo Boo's mom and not her fat as well?

Tada. I just made a stupid post.
I dont even know why I write anymore. All my ideas are common knowledge.
I won't bug you again with something less awesome than my cat giving birth. I sort of promise to try to think about promising.